We are using micro-learning theory to redesign skill-based education. We define and encourage leadership skills through digestible and engaging content embedded into our games.


The SheLeads game provides a safe environment for girls to practice aspects of their leadership identity that they may not have expression for in every day life. Our immersive adventures inspire impatful action in real life. 


We empower girls with the knowledge and confidence to explore their leadership potential. We equip educators with key performance metrics to sprout heir online interests into offline passions.

Canadian women represent:

4% of CEO positions at top 500 Companies

20% of University professor roles

25% of government seats

20% of corporate board positions

Early childhood experiences directly influence adult leadership chances.

Our girls are not struggling with academics

Women make up over 50% of University graduates

Studies show girls outperform boys academically in elementary school

but falling behind in leadership development

There is room for innovation and reimagining of the current models to empower our girls, for more accessible and modern solutions

Our Mission:

To build the next generation of strong female leaders through accessible and engaging leadership development tools.

What we're doing

We provide an accessible and scalable web-based gamified tool that enables educators to encourage leadership in girls aged 6-18.

Girls aged 6-10 direct strong female protagonists through story based games and make leadership decisions that affect outcome. It is in these choices we evaluate content understanding. 

Girls aged 10-18 use the SheLeads framework to write adventures to be built into our game and played by girls around the world. 

In our community, girls connect to share educator approved thoughts and moments from the game, sharing leadership experiences and wins. 

Cassie Myers


A creator and innovator passionate about applying technology to solve complex social issues. Currently completing degree in Conflict Studies and Business at the University of Waterloo. Dedicated to inspiring the next generation of female leaders

Komal Javed


A designer who enjoys turning complex problems into simple, beautiful and intuitive interface design. She is pursuing a degree in Global Business and Digital Arts at the University of Waterloo and is determined to make a positive impact through a user centred design approach.

Thank you to our supporters

We are incredibly grateful for the organizations that support and enable us to run SheLeads.

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